More than 60 million years ago, the region of Podravina and Slavonia was covered by the Pannonian Sea, thanks to which Papuk, Bilogora and the Drava are an area of natural beauty today. What used to be islands and sea depths are the Pannonian bike routes today.

Enjoy riding Natural World Heritage sites in the Bilogora and Papuk hills, along the Drava river, brooks and lakes, and leave only tyre tracks behind you!

In front of you is a map of selected bike routes with the information necessary to plan your cycling adventures. At present, five routes are marked with the directional signs of the Pannonian bike route; a part is marked with the cycling club signs, while the remainder is marked with cycling signals.


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Types of routes:

  • Road bike route
  • Hill bike route
  • Trekking bike route


Instructions for use

  • Take your waste and memories with you
  • Do not disturb animals and do not damage plants
  • Do not light fire
  • Respect other traffic participants
  • Leave only tyre tracks behind
  • Share your experience with others
  • Visit us again


Route profiles

Road bike routes

Jelenova staza (Buck route)
Location Jankovac / Papuk Nature Park
Length 67 km
Difficulty Medium
Total ascent 717 m
Highest peak 699 m
Lowest peak 230 m
Base of the route Asphalt
Duration of the ride 2-3 h
Marked Yes / route designation 500


Jelenova staza starts in the Nature Park Papuk at the Jankovac excursion site, which has the reputation of a pearl of the Slavonian mountains. Jankovac is located at an altitude of 475 m and represents the starting point of the road routes and mountain biking and mountaineering routes. Riding along Jelenova staza, you will pass the UNESCO protected area since the Nature Park Papuk is a UNESCO Global Geopark. There is a parking lot available at Jankovac, a mountain hut providing accommodation and a restaurant where you can end your ride.


Šojkina staza (Jay route)
Location Otrovanec / Pitomača
Length 43 km
Difficulty Easy
Total ascent 115 m
Highest peak 165 m
Lowest peak 115 m
Base of the route Asphalt
Duration of the ride 2-3 h
Marked Yes / route designation 400


Riding through Podravina, yoau will experience the beauty of the hills of Bilogora and the Drava river, a UNESCO’s Cross-Border Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube. While riding through Bilogora, you will pass through a winegrowing terrain where you must not reject a glass of good wine from the merry Podravinians. Passing the river Drava on a suspension bridge or taking the wherry is the only way to get to the peninsula where the small isolated town of Križnica as well as the recreational site of the same name is located. On Šojkina staza (Jay route), in one of the restaurants you can taste numerous delicacies of Podravina, which you must not miss. At the bridge for Križnica, there is a resting place for cyclers and a bike service station.


Slatina circle
Location Slatina
Length 38 km
Difficulty Easy
Total ascent 30 m
Highest peak 140 m
Lowest peak 109 m
Base of the route Asphalt
Duration of the ride 2-3 h
Marked Yes (blue signals)


This circular route is 38 km long; it is asphalted in its entire length and there are no ascents. The Slatina circular bike route starts from the centre of Slatina and continues through a part of the Sopje municipality. Take a ride on the long flat roads of this route and get to know Slavonia first-hand, i.e. from a bicycle.


Virovitica circle
Location Virovitica
Length 32 km
Difficulty Easy
Total ascent 32 m
Highest peak 138 m
Lowest peak 110 m
Base of the route Asphalt
Duration of the ride 1,5-2 h
Marked Yes (blue signals)


Virovitica circle is a 32 km long circular route, entirely flat and asphalted in its entire length. This is a route where you will see the most beautiful castles of the Virovitica-Podravina County. Start your ride in the town of Virovitica in front of the baroque Pejačević castle and take a break in front of the Janković castle. In both castles, you will find interesting tourist facilities that will show you how counts used to live.


Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – Western part
Location Kladare – Terezino Polje
Length 43 km
Difficulty Easy
Total ascent 0 m
Highest peak 116 m
Lowest peak 103 m
Base of the route Asphalt
Duration of the ride 2-3 h
Marked Yes (blue signals)


This long flat route will take you from the pristine fields of Podravina and the extraordinary places such as Križnica in the West of the county, though the remainders of the old Slavonian forests, all the way to the border crossing with Hungary in Terezino Polje, where the route ends. The route is 43 km long and is asphalted in its entire length; there are also no major ascents.


Bike routes in the hills

Dabrova staza (Beaver route)
Location Virovitica / Virovitica Ponds
Length 36 km
Difficulty Medium
Total ascent 393 m
Highest peak 125 m
Lowest peak 241 m
Base of the route Land and asphalt
Duration of the ride 3 h
Marked Yes / route designation 100


On the Dabrova staza mountaineering bike route, ascents of medium difficulty exchange with the valleys passing through the forest areas not far from the town of Virovitica. The route starts and ends at the Virovitica ponds where there is free parking and an excursion ground. If you need to enjoy your bike more, you can continue your ride on the XC Put Šarana route (Carp path).


MTB staza Put šarana (Carp path route)
Location Virovitica / Virovitica Ponds
Length 11 km
Difficulty Medium
Total ascent 330 m
Highest peak 221 m
Lowest peak 136 m
Base of the route Land
Duration of the ride 1-1.5 h
Marked Yes (stylised pine on white background)


Around the nine Virovitica ponds and through a thick forest not far from Virovitica, the BOR bike club created the XC Put Šarana (Carp’s path) route, loved not only by cyclists but also joggers, pedestrians and mountaineers. MTB Put Šarana route is entirely marked and takes you in both direction with the impression that you have taken two different routes. It is characterised by the exchange of ascents making your pulse go up, followed by descents due to which no ascent to the hill is a problem. It is appropriate for cyclists with average experience, while the very experienced ones will enjoy manoeuvring the route the most.

The entrance and the exit from the route are located at the Virovitica ponds excursion site, where parking as well as tables and benches are provided so you can take a rest after the ride; there is also a grill area. Count your impressions at the lake before you go home. More information on the route and what you can meet there can be found at


Staza Kune zlatice (Marten route)
Location Slatina
Length 24 km
Difficulty Medium
Total ascent 377 m
Highest peak 246 m
Lowest peak 130 m
Base of the route Land and asphalt
Duration of the ride 1,5 h
Marked Yes / route designation 200


The Kuna zlatica route starts at the lookout above the town of Slatina revealing hidden forests trails, hills and vineyards. Before continuing your journey towards your destination, have some rest beside the Javorica lake.  Do not miss to do some sightseeing in Slatina and taste the first Croatian ‘Slatinski biser’ (Slatina pearl) champagne and take it home as an original souvenir.


Vjeveričja staza (Squirrel route)
Location Orahovica
Length 36 km
Difficulty Severe
Total ascent 717 m
Highest peak 699 m
Lowest peak 230 m
Base of the route Land and asphalt
Duration of the ride 3-4 h
Marked Yes / route designation 300


At the foothills of the Papuk mountain, there is the small town of Orahovica priding in the rich natural and cultural heritage. Vjeveričja staza (Squirrel route) starts at the ‘Orah’ (Walnut) excursion site where there is a bathing area surrounded by hospitality facilities. On this route, Papuk has prepared two demanding ascents, a challenge and satisfaction for trained cyclists. After the bike ride following the organised routes, visit the largest preserved mediaeval fortification, Ružica grad, and find out about its numerous legends. Not far from the lake, there are XC and enduro bike routes for those in search of additional adrenaline, recommended to experienced cyclists.


Along the Mediaeval routes
Location Orahovica
Length 5 km
Difficulty Medium
Total ascent 377 m
Highest peak 352 m
Lowest peak 219 m
Base of the route Land
Duration of the ride 1 h
Marked Yes


Along the Mediaeval routes, there is a mountaineering bike route taken care of by the Lood Bike Club from Orahovica, ideal for experienced cyclists looking for adrenaline. Bike races take place on the route several times a year. The route is an organised one-track road and, in a smaller part, a wide macadam. The very route is amidst the beautiful nature of Papuk, a UNESCO Global Geopark, passing beside the Orahovica lake and Ružica grad. It is an ideal starting point to research the surrounding forest trails.


Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – Eastern part
Location Terezino Polje – Čađavica
Length 67 km
Difficulty Easy
Total ascent 10 m
Highest peak 21 m
Lowest peak 18 m
Base of the route Land and asphalt
Duration of the ride 3 h
Marked Yes (blue signals)


The Eastern part of the Drava route, i.e. EuroVelo 13, is an integral part of the same-named European routes. In the entire length of the route, there are no significant ascents; however, due to the base that is made of soil in more than 60%, it is categorised among the routes that are to be taken by a mountain or trekking bike. The Drava route passes along the river embankment, through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube. An important point on the route is the Information and Education Centre, the Dravska priča hostel (Drava story), where you must stop by all means.


Northern part of the EuroVelo 13 route – Barcs – Vejti section (Hungary)

Route: Barča (Barcs) – Vejtiba (Vejti)

Length: 57.64 km

Dirt road: 20.8 km

Asphalt: 37 km

Terrain features: lowlands

Traffic: none, low frequency

Barč (Barcs) is a town with 11,000 inhabitants known for its thermal bath. The route takes you along the Drava riverbank promenade, then continuing through the forest towards Tomašin (Drávatamási). This is a small village on the Drava riverbank, in which there is an educational centre of the Danube-Drava National Park and a river ship port. The route then continues to pass Starin (Drávasztára), Gardonja (Drávagárdony), Dombol (Kastélyosdombó), Potonja (Potony), Novo Selo (Tótújfalu) and Brlobaš (Szentborbás). In Potonja (Potony) there is a resting place. You can find accommodation on the Drava riverbank near Brlobaš (Szentborbás) managed by the Danube-Drava National Park. In the centre of Novo Selo (Tótújfalu), there is a sign pointing to an alternative route along the embankment through most wonderful nature towards Martinci (Felsőszentmárton). Martinci (Felsőszentmárton) is a village with a majority Croatian population. The patron saint of the village is St. Martin and the village is a part of the European pilgrimage route of St. Martin. In the village, there are several stores and cafés; you can stay in private accommodation.

The route from Martinci (Felsőszentmárton) continues on the asphalted Drava embankment towards Starin (Drávasztára). To the South of the embankment, there is Drvljanci (Révfalu), once an inhabited village in the floodplain, while now it is a part of the Danube-Drava National Park. In the summer, the place is visited by artists and walkers, the main reason for that being the rests of the traditional local architecture. Starin (Drávasztára) is another village with a majority Croatian population. In the central square, there is a monumental neo-Gothic Catholic church built in 1948. On the Drava riverbank, there is an excursion site with a small dock for boats and toilettes. The town of Šeljin (Sellye) is 7 km North of Starin (Drávasztára). The town offers stores, restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, a thermal bath, a bank and a railway station. The main monument in Šeljin (Sellye) is the baroque Drašković castle with an arboretum. We leave Starin (Drávasztára) on a Drava embankment dirt road towards Vejtiba (Vejti). On the route, we notice watchtowers from the Cold War period and the pretty lake of Vájási. There is also a rest stop in the area.

Road bike routes

  1. Slatina circle
  2. Virovitica circle
  3. From Papuk to the Drava riverbank
  4. Through Bilogora and Papuk to Voćin
  5. Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – Western part
  6. Šojkina staza (Jay route)
  7. Jelenova staza (Buck route)
  8. EuroVelo 13 – Northern route (Hungary)

MTB / mountain bike trails

  1. Vjeveričja staza (Squirrel route)
  2. Staza kune zlatice (Marten route)
  3. Dabrova staza (Beaver route)
  4. MTB staza Put šarana (Carp path route)
  5. Along the Mediaeval routes

Trekking / combined bike routes

  1. Drava circle
  2. From Čačinci to Jankovac
  3. Podravina circle
  4. Drava route – EuroVelo 13 – Eastern part